Sunday, November 30, 2008

Introduction to Nebet Kemsit's Per

I have always been attracted to the artworks of Ancient Egypt, particularly of the New Kingdom when the line became a bit more fluid and graceful, in response, I think to the exaggerated naturalism of the brief flowering of the Amarna period. Back in 1996 I became far more interested in the history, beliefs, and geography of Ancient Egypt when I began writing fiction and sharing research with other writers at the now closed site Ancient Sites. I acquired a large number of reference books on the topic and with my friends studied everything from the language to the minutiae of daily life. It even influenced a lot of the art and drawings I was doing at the time.

Around 2004 I found my life becoming too busy to maintain such an active interest in the topic and began to fall behind, but lately I have felt the stirrings of longing again. I have started this blog in order to share my thoughts, insights, and research on the subject, as well as links, articles, and perhaps even a little of my Ancient Egyptian fiction. I still write a little of that at the community role-play and collaborative fiction site Panhistoria where I’m one of the owners along with my friend Sekhmet Meritamen and my brother Tjeti (also know there as Wyatt Earp!).

I hope to meet many new Egyptophiles here.