Thursday, December 4, 2008

Call for Recommendations!

It's been a while since I have purchased or even checked out the latest on Ancient Egypt. I'm looking for good recommendations on the most recent books. I want more than pretty pictures (though those are very nice) but would like to see anything that is groundbreaking, new, or has new archaelogical finds that provide more insight into the history, art, culture, and daily lives of the Ancient Egyptians. Please comment right to this post if you have something cool and I'll be getting at least one new title to add to my collection and probably sending out a wish list to my family for gift giving ideas for moi this Christmas! Oh and if you have hot tips on great new AE sites that is welcome too. If I like them enough I'll link to them.

So that was the new, but I'm happy to accept recommendations for the classics, and if I haven't got it I want it. Discussion is awesome and comments are always welcome on my Ancient Egypt blog. Consider my per your per.

Oh? New to Ancient Egyptian language? Want to know what a 'per' is? It's Kemetic for 'house'. Kemet is what the Ancient Egyptians called their land. Correct me if I'm wrong but the word "Egypt" is a Greek rendition of the name and would have been spelled "Aegypt". Of course I'm running on fumes here. I might be wrong. Correct me if I am! Please!


Peter of Dreux said...

Something that I read that really rekindled my interest in Egypt again:

Akhenaten: Egypt's False Prophet

I know there is some controversy about the author but nonetheless it makes for an interesting read.

Dorlana said...

One of the books I used while doing some research was Understanding Hieroglyphs by Hilary Wilson - I have several Egyptians books but I kept coming back to that one. It's small but has a lot of info.

Kemsit at Panhistoria said...

Thanks for the book recommendations everyone. I might have the understanding hieroglpyhics one or more likely my brother does, but I haven't read the one about Akhenaten.